How To Use SEPTA Key Tix

SEPTA Key Tix is an easy-to-use option to purchase tickets for one or more persons using your mobile device. Use SEPTA Key Tix for bus, trolley, the Broad Street Line (BSL), Market-Frankford Line (MFL), and Norristown High Speed Line (NHSL). This does not replace SEPTA Key cards or Quick Trip but provides a simple solution for occasional riders who want to enjoy the same benefits as cardholders, including one free transfer per Transit trip.

SEPTA Key Tix gives people traveling together the capability to «scan once» by activating up to 5 one-way tickets to pay fares for up to five riders using a single barcode.

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How to Purchase Tickets

  • From home screen, click «sign in»
  • Sign in your SEPTA Key account
  • If you do not have a SEPTA Key account, you will need to create one
  • On the mobile apps home page, click «Buy or Manage Tickets»
  • Select the number of tickets you want to purchase (up to 10 one-way tickets per transaction and up to five one-way tickets can be activated per trip)
  • Select or add method of payment and proceed to «buy»

How to Activate Tickets

  • Sign in your SEPTA Key account
  • On the Home page click «Buy or Manage Tickets»
  • On the «Purchased» tab select the ticket(s) you want to activate. Tickets are each valid for 2 hours from activation time. You can activate up to 5 ticket at a time.
  • Click «Activate Tickets»
  • On the «Ready to Use» tab, click «Show Ticket»

How to Scan Tickets

  • On the «Ready to Use» tab, click «Show Ticket»
  • Place your phone screen facing upward at the bottom of the Bus or Gate validator
close up of Key Tix being scanned.

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Frequently-Asked Questions

No. You cannot use your travel wallet balance to purchase ticket(s).

You should activate a ticket(s) just before starting your trip. Ticket(s) are valid for 2 hours from the time of activation and include a transfer.

You can activate up to 5 tickets at a time, just select the number of tickets you need to activate and scan your ticket once.

You do not need a SEPTA Key card to create an account. You can add a SEPTA Key card at any point after the creation of your account.

You can purchase a ticket up to 6 months in advance.

You can purchase up to 10 tickets per transaction.

You can hold up to 20 tickets in your account at a time.

Tickets are only valid for transit which include buses, trolleys, BSL, MFL, and NHSL.

Regional Rail tickets are not available at this time.

Your credit/debit information is never stored in the app or your phone.

Transit Benefit cards cannot be used to purchase a ticket(s).