Partial Service Returns to the Route 15 Trolley [G]

The iconic green-and-cream 1940s-era trolleys are a link to Philadelphia’s rich history. SEPTA is excited to announce that some trolleys returned to service on Girard Avenue’s Route 15 [G] line. Buses also operate along the route until the full fleet has been restored. All service operates between Girard Ave. & 63rd St. and Richmond St. and Westmoreland St. Loop. Select bus trips operate via Frankford Ave. and Delaware Ave. Loop.

Follow this link for the Route 15 Trolley [G] Schedule

Route 15 Trolley [G] Restoration Project Scope of Work Update

In 2020, with major PennDOT construction scheduled for I-95 and I-76, SEPTA temporarily suspended trolley service on the Route 15 Trolley [G] line and substituted it with bus service. During this time, SEPTA implemented a project to fully restore 18 of the 1947 PCC trolleys that service the Route 15. Repair work included full body and frame restoration of the trolleys, as well as trolley loop and track improvements on the eastern portion of the Route 15. All trolleys that service the Route 15 are ADA accessible and updated with new frames, floors, windows, wheelchair lifts and HVAC units.

Six trolleys have been restored, while the remaining are still in various stages of repair and restoration, and will begin to service the route in the coming months.

Route 15 Parking Update

SEPTA is committed to improving the quality of life in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties by providing convenient and safe travel.

Please remember, it is illegal to stop or park in a trolley lane or block a trolley from passing. Our operators must be able to pull into a transit stop to ensure customers can safely board and exit.

If your car is parked over the white line or blocking a transit stop, you are subject to $101 fine and your vehicle will be towed.