Bus & Train Open Stroller Policy

Open strollers are no longer restricted based on time of day but will be dependent on space.

SEPTA supports families, caregivers and our youngest riders by allowing open strollers onboard buses and trains. Strollers may be in the open position while riding, boarding and exiting SEPTA vehicles. Beginning mid- 2024, new buses will have a designated open stroller parking spot, separate from priority seating areas.

In a crowded bus (full seated load), operators may ask that a stroller be moved or folded. The priority seating area must be vacated to allow a person with disability to board and ride.

Open strollers are not permitted on trolleys at this time due to accessibility constraints.

SEPTA Stroller Guidelines

  • In vehicles without special stroller accommodations, park open strollers in priority seating areas and use flip-up seats.
  • Yield priority seating spaces to persons with mobility limitations.
  • Secure child within the stroller.
  • Engage stroller brakes.
  • Hold stroller while on-board.
  • Keep the aisle and doorways clear.

Strollers on the Bus

  • You may request the driver to kneel the bus or use of the access ramp at stops that permit curb access. Not all bus stops permit curb access.
  • To avoid tipping your child out of the stroller, board the bus forward and leave the bus backwards.
  • Make sure your stroller width is 24” or less to clear the aisle.
  • In priority seating areas, use flip up seats by pulling the yellow handle of seat toward you.

Strollers on the Train

  • When possible, board at doors with ADA signage
  • Boarding trains from a low platform requires strollers to be folded.
  • Strollers cannot use escalators in stations. Check elevator availability at stations.