Electric Balancing Scooters on SEPTA Vehicles

Electric Balancing Scooters (EBS) are battery-operated, self-balancing two-wheeled scooters. They are made to transport someone. EBS can be Segways (brand name), gyroscopic mobility devices, or automatic balancing wheeled conveyances. Motorcycles, mopeds, motor scooters, motorized bicycles (electric or gasoline-powered), and all other wheeled transportation are not EBS.

EBS are only allowed on SEPTA vehicles and within SEPTA buildings under the following rules:

General Rules

  • General public can only use these devices during off-peak hours.
  • People with disabilities can ride an EBS at any time with a valid Pennsylvania Reduced Fare Card for Persons with Disabilities (“green card”). 
  • Law enforcement and emergency responders in uniform and with proper identification may bring EBS on any SEPTA mode/route at any time, subject to policy conditions.
  • Children under the age of 14 with an EBS on a SEPTA vehicle must be with someone over the age of 18. An adult can only have one child with an EBS at a time.
  • Normal fares apply.
  • You must always be in control of your EBS.
  • Devices must be off or in Power Assist mode while boarding, while exiting or while on a vehicle.
  • Riding, sitting, or standing on the device when on a vehicle is not allowed.
  • You have to stay with your EBS during travel.
  • You may not ride your EBS in stations, terminals or on platforms.
  • You must always yield to pedestrians.
  • You must safely and securely store your EBS while on a vehicle.
  • You must be physically able to load, store, and unload your EBS, or be with someone who will help you.
  • SEPTA staff will not help with loading/unloading or storing devices. If asked, SEPTA staff will use bridge plates for use in boarding/exiting rail cars.
  • On buses and Route 15, you may board using the wheelchair lift or ramp. SEPTA staff will deploy lift or ramp, but will not otherwise help load, unload or store your EBS.
  • If you are using a wheelchair space without a Reduced Fare card, you must yield to wheelchair users.
  • Only two devices are allowed per rail or subway car, one at each end, without blocking aisles.

EBS are not allowed on:

  • Route 10
  • T2 Route 34
  • T3 Route 13
  • Route 11
  • Route 36
  • Route 101
  • Route 102

EBS are allowed on:

  • SEPTA Regional Rail
  • Broad Street Line
  • Market-Frankford Line
  • Route 100
  • Route 15 (bus and PCC II service only, not to be carried on LRV cars)
  • All surface bus routes

  • The size has to be under 30 inches wide and 48 inches long.
  • The weight with rider and any items cannot be over 600 pounds.